Message from the President

AICA Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in 1936 as Aichi Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., when the chemicals division of Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd. was spun off as an independent company. We have leveraged our core expertise in plastics technology to grow and develop as a company involved in materials, design and technology in an increasing range of business fields, starting from chemicals and now including architectural, housing materials and speciality & performance Materials.

One unique characteristic of the company is the way our four major divisions are linked through materials, supplying each other with major plastic materials, laminated sheets and other items. The synergy gained from this organizational stance provides us with proven product development expertise, and design skills that have been rated highly by the architectural industry. We formulated our environmental philosophy in 1998, setting out guidelines for the development of “green” products in keeping with the rising interest in global environmental protection and harmony with the environment, and product development has stressed “green” products as the key direction in company growth. As a result, we now provide a range of environment-friendly products including our melamine laminated sheets (which hold the top share in the market), Jolypate (interior and exterior finishing materials), and Cerarl. (nonflammable laminated sheet).

The global economy and the Japanese architectural market are still weak, and the business environment is expected to remain severe for some time to come, but as a corporation we are committed to continued strong growth and development. This will require product innovation through new plastics and new technologies, and the development of new fields of business. In addition to domestic markets, we believe it will be crucial to harness corporate energies to implement a global strategy by fully utilizing local business sites in the high-growth China and East Asia region. We have launched our new medium term business Plan "C & C 2000" based on three key elements designed to secure major growth in the future: streamlining existing business operations, pioneering non-architectural business fields, and expanding overseas sales.

We will continue to meet the challenge of new technologies, new business fields and overseas business through creative management firmly based on “green” management principles. We are determined to remain a trustworthy company, actively working to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to fulfill our obligations as a good corporate citizen through CSR activities. I trust they we may continue to enjoy your support and understanding in the years to come.

Director & President
Yuji Ono